Agile Support


…we don’t think in terms of projects and deadlines, but in terms of monitoring, continuous support, long-term relationships, co-leadership, and organic development. In this process our expert acts as the partner of the leader, as an agile mentor, and is with the team in a certain rhythm ( 2hrs – 1 day/week), assisting the change. It means that they don’t work from a pre-existing script of what to teach or what to change, but intervene at relevant points. These can be:

  • Individual coaching and Shadowing – aiming to reassure role-holders in their role
  • Team coaching – helping teams overcome challenges, raising the level of trust, managing conflicts
  • Mini-training – expanding a certain field of knowledge in Agile
  • Leading management meetings and workshops – evaluation, OKR audit, developing the next planning cycle, summarising experience – strengthening agile management systems
  • Facilitation, mediation in a group
  • Supporting the leader in an organisation

Building personal trust and long-term, mutual commitment is key in this working method.