Alíz Rekecki

trainer, coach, organisational developer

“I have been supporting leaders for 18 years. I am grateful for the colourful and diverse organisational experience. As a consultant, I have created strategy, planning and reporting systems, while learning leadership from great leaders. For me, the most exciting question is what makes a leader and the organisation successful. I believe that everyone has the potential to lead a successful and joyful life, it is not a privilege or something to struggle for. I believe the way to do it is through self-awareness and self-acceptance. As a coach and trainer, my goal is to make this change not only a successful process, but also an exciting and enjoyable one.”

Expertise & References

  • Implementing an organisational culture that supports the strategy – Audi Academy, IPR Insight, SensoMedia, CodingSans, ITSH;
  • Leadership training, change management – British Telekom, Shiwaforce, CodingSans, Tappointment, Grepton, MKB Euroleasing, Eurobond csoport, SensoMedia, Netmarketing;
  • Online leadership support – EON;
  • Executive and team coaching – British Telekom, CodingSans, Tappointment, IPR Insight, Grepton, MKB Euroleasing, Eurobond csoport, SensoMedia, Netmarketing, Aimotive;
  • Agile trainings and programmes – Hungarian Telekom, NN Insurance.

Professional Background & Self-Awareness

  • Business Coach – Creative Coach School
  • Life Coach – Somatodrama Coach School
  • Trainer – IFD Training School
  • Organisational Developer – Jövőképző
  • Consultant – IFUA, SAP
  • Budapest University of Economy, Specialisation: Marketing, Company Value 1992-1998
  • Clarity Academy: self-awareness group 2011-2016
  • Creative Coaching School 2013-2015
  • IFD Training School: Organoco method 2017
  • Somatodrama foundational and coach training 2018
  • Psychodrama self-awareness group 2020-
  • Jövőképző- organisational developer, trainer course 2019-
  • Individual therapy – 1 yr

18 yrs leadership support // 12 yrs consulting, organisational development // 8 yrs business coaching // 6 yrs change management, training