Anita Kátai

trainer, facilitator, organisational developer, team coach

“For me, change management is a continuous flow that starts when we discover and become aware of where we are and what we want in a given situation. Then, by making a conscious decision we can move towards a better quality, wiser, more fulfilling life. This is how change becomes joyful. This is what I believe in.”

Expertise & References

  • Corporate teamwork and cooperation development – Duna Kenyért Zrt, Interback Kft, Kovász Kft, Cartour Kft
  • Agile development – OTP, ATC Projekt Kft, IPMS Consulting KFt
  • Scrum Master – Enterprise Comm. Kft
  • Agile foundational trainings – Telekom, Hydro
  • Reinventing mapping & organisational development – Progen Kft, Ökopolisz Alapítvány (LMP), Young B.T.S. Kft

Professional background & Self-awareness

  • CFO / CEO in a multinational environment, on a regional level (FRAMA, ICI, LEDO, DELTA Pekarny) – 1997-2013
  • Start Your Business (SYB) creating, launching and implementing a Hungarian integrated corporate governance system -2013-2017
  • Psychodrama and Somatodrama leader trainings 2015-2016
  • Awareness development trainer courses (Oneness University- India) 2010-2016
  • Awareness Facilitator (Awareness individual and group development) training 2019-
  • Member of Jövőképző group 2019-
  • The art of Agile organisational development course 2019-2020 – Jövőképző Tanácsadó Egyesület
  • Self-awareness work: 1000+ hrs psychodrama, 500+ hrs somatodrama, 200+ hrs individual therapy, Heart-Centred Leadership courses 2008-2010, Transcendental Meditation, ongoing supervision

15 yrs top management & strategy creation experience // 7 yrs crisis and change management // 5 yrs Agile development // 10+ yrs leading self-awareness groups & individual therapies