Szabolcs Emich

organisational developer, Agile coach, Agile innovator

“For me, Agility reinforces the hope that our work, our workplaces, can be places where people thrive. I have seen and built environments and teams where the quality, enthusiasm and team experience worthy of human beings was tangible…”

Expertise & References

  • Organisational culture change, digital transformation & Agile implementation – E.ON; Telekom; Porsche Hungária, Ustream,,, Geomant, BlackSwan, Tigra, Shiwaforce, NN, IP systems
  • Agile and facilitation trainings – MOL, Continental, DM, UX Design, Szerencsejáték Zrt., Provident, Extreme Digital, Groupama, KPMG, Audi, IKO

Professional Background & Self-Awareness

  • Theory U – innovation methodology – MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – Presencing Institute
  • Art of Hosting – facilitation as art, OpenSpace, World Café, Circle way methods
  • Mediation (Dr. Fellegi & Winkler)
  • Agilis coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership, Covey – 7 habits
  • JIRA administrator
  • Conscious leadership
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner
  • Developing models and tools of organisational diagnostics, Agile diagnostics since 2012
  • Founder of the Hungarian Remote Work Alliance and Startup Budapest Association
  • Founder of Circle43 (2011-) organisational development – self-awareness group, FacilitatorWorkshop (2015-), ReinvOrgMap (2016-) – 1200 hrs
  • Psychodrama experience 450 hrs – 2015-2016
  • Individual therapy – 3 yrs
  • Other courses of self-awareness: Biography, Ways to Quality, Eurythmics – 500 hrs / year since 2011

14 yrs agile, counselling & training // 14 yrs IT, CTO position in Agile organisations // founder of an organisational development innovation center // founder of Atlas mapping