Agile for Top Managers

Recommended framework

  • An individual coaching journey (6-8 sessions) for top managers to develop certain Agile leadership skills
  • Sponsoring Agile Leaders: 1 + 4 x half-day, U-based team coaching
  • Developing Learning Culture: 1 + 4 x half-day, U-based team coaching


  • To support the individual transformation of leaders by the tools of coaching
  • To identify the focus points for top managers necessary to develop Learning Culture
  • To sponsor Agile leaders
  • Supporting the development of people management and self-improvement skills of Agile leaders by coaching.
  • “Sponsoring Agile Leaders” – What do the various Agile leaders need from top management? Understanding Agile leadership roles, working out the ways of support with the help of the “U” procedure.
  • “U-Theory” based Learning Culture development. There is no Agile organisation without a learning culture. By applying the “U-methodology”, we enable top management to get a pre-sense of what a learning culture is.