How can agility be taught in an effective and engaging way?

We believe the best approach is a blended one:
combining enjoyable online content with collaborative, face-to-face learning.

Our blended training packages that may help you

Everyday agility

Primer, introductory course

Do the right thing!

For training employees in the role of Product Owner

Do it right!

Developing agile teams

Do it fast!

Training Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Be an agile role model!

Leadership development

Very good introductory level course. I have never found all the required stuff put together in concise format as this one. Still, it contains the old masters as well as modern MIT research. Thank you!


„It was great, clear and understandable, sums up the basics in a great way. The drawings are great and funny, the narrator lady speaks English very nice, I just loved her voice! I hope there will be a sequel! :)”


„The course guides you through the basics of agility in a structured and fun way. It synthesizes theoretical models and storytelling well, helping to capture the essence of the topic. The graphic notes are awesome. I hope there will be a sequel!”


This is really engaging material, love it. It explains the usability of the agile method in an easy-to-understand manner. Watching this makes you realize that organizational development needs to start with introducing the agile method to the entire team. Thanks for creating this!


„Simple but great. Very useful resources.”


I love, that the course is focusing on the mindset instead of practicalities, but not at the expense of being nonpractical. Agile transformations are doomed to fail if there is no change in the stakeholders’ mindset and approach. I feel this course is approaching the topic from the right angle, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.


„Super primer on agility, I recommend it to everyone. It shows why agile is worth using and helps beginners get started.”


„What an experience! I enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂 Each element of the material is characterized by professionalism, simplicity, clarity, thoroughness, completeness. I’ve seen the umpteenth interpretation of the material on agility, but this was the first one that shed light on a lot of things not only at work/organization, but also on an individual level.”


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