Chapter Lead Training

Recommended framework

  • 2-day Chapter leadership training
  • After transitioning into Agile: 5 x 1-hour, biweekly coaching sessions


  • To understand the scope of the given role, its responsibilities and tools
  • To help them realise the “servant leadership” approach, which enables them to support the professional development of the chapter members
  • The mission of the Chapter Lead role is to strengthen the professional development (“Mastery”) element of the intrinsic motivators. By presenting challenges, introducing new technologies, and leading ‘community of practice’ groups (chapters), they provide the necessary cohesion for the teams that makes the whole bigger than the sum of its parts.
  • „We will be successful in the long run if our core mission is development, learning and knowledge-sharing.”
  • It is often difficult for a Chapter Lead to accept and stand for the fact that although they may be the most experienced and knowledgeable member of the Chapter in a given field, their goal is not to be the single source of information, but to enhance knowledge throughout the whole Chapter.
  • Chapter Lead competencies to be developed include coaching, mentoring, facilitation, community building, debating and leading constructive dialogues, situational leadership, giving constructive feedback, and improving creativity.