Introduction into Agile

Recommended framework

  • 1-day workshop, including training elements, from smaller groups up to 150 people
  • The number of trainers is proportionate to the number of participants


  • To learn about agile principles in an experiential way, to understand how an agile team functions, and how it differs from regular teams
  • To enable teams working in a non-agile framework to cooperate effectively with agile teams after the transformation
  • During the workshop participants learn about the most important principles of Agile in a playful, practical, and experiential way.
  • We put a special emphasis on the concept of iteration, exponentiality, questioning boundaries, discovering modes of cooperation, and utilising resources.
  • We demonstrate with practical tasks that Agile is a much more suitable approach to handle complexity than others.
  • During the games we learn about Scrum and Kanban, as well as their key terminology.
  • An integral part of the day is the “fishbowl” discussion of in-house and external Agile experts with tremendous real-life experience. The topic of the conversation may be the relationship between agile and non-agile units within the organisation.