Scrum Master Training

Recommended framework

  • 2-day Scrum Master Foundations, then 4 x 1-day methodologies improvement training
  • After transitioning into Agile: 4 hours/month supervision, for 6 months


  • To prepare internal candidates for the role
  • To coach external Scrum Masters to adapt to the company’s Agile model
  • To help candidates get familiar with Scrum Master methodologies
  • To provide supervision in small groups
  • The Scrum Master and Agile Coach roles have been the greatest inventions of organisational development in the past decades. No leader had been outfitted before with this special knowledge enabling the shaping of communities and the scaling of leadership skills.
  • The most exciting property of this role is attention. Paying attention to all those details everybody else misses. The forgotten agreements and rules. The promises and responsibilities. The hidden conflicts and obstacles.
  • Its most important tools are asking the right questions and facilitation.
  • There is immense knowledge, a lot of books, practises, ideas available as part of the Agile methodology – what is key is that Scrum Master candidates have the fundamental tools, openness and enthusiasm to learn, and courage to believe that they can really help Squads become a lot more effective.
  • A good course laying the foundations can be a cornerstone of this journey, however, the real teacher is life itself with its unpredictable challenges. During the supervision we take extra care to initiate an independent intervision routine, so that new Agile experts can further develop themselves as a Guild or a Chapter.