Team Kick Off Bootcamp

Recommended framework

  • 3 x 1-day workshop with interactive training elements
  • with teams of 5-10


  • To clarify the Agile framework and roles; to understand ceremonies and Agile documents
  • To build the team, develop its identity, shape approach; to formulate values and norms
  • To create well-defined agreements, processes, roles, rules and agenda for the first 30 days
  • Cross-functional, self-organising teams are the basic building blocks of scaled Agile.
  • No team has ever become self-organising from one day to the other on its own. What are the fundamental principles, laws of self-management and self-organisation? How can we create a system that supports self-checking with measurements?
  • Self-managing teams function without a classical leader, however, leadership is present in a well-distributed and regulated way in the various roles. We deconstruct the role of a leader, expand it with the consciousness of servant leadership, and involve team members in distributed self-management.
  • Every team is different– which is why it is best to create the most appropriate processes, rules, rhythms in a workshop per team.
  • The team is a community, where trusting and caring for each other, having common goals provide the strongest cohesion and serve as the basis of effectiveness.