On the various works and shared materials of Art of Agile Kft. you can find the (CC BY-SA) license logo. This is Creative Commons Share Alike means right. This allows you to copy, distribute, incorporate into your own works, adapt or adapt, redevelop or even use the work for commercial purposes or paid works. This license is often referred to as “open source” for software. All derivative works inherit the same license, so they will be free to use, even for commercial purposes. This right does not provide for restraint, but for liberation.

Subject to the above license, we ask that:

  • if the work is used, indicate that the work is licensed by Art of Agile (AoA) (be careful to use the wording so that it is not ambiguous that this does not mean that you are affiliated with the AoA or that the AoA has commissioned you to use the work)
  • distribute any modified form of the Work under the same or an equivalent license
  • Make the terms of this license clear to others:

For more information, visit the Creative Commons website. If you have any questions, please contact us here:

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